Monday, December 20, 2010

my female red dragon -breeding

Red dragon from 2 line- RM50 each

platinum HMPk male - RM 35-SOLD

fancy monster Black & white male hmpk-rm 50

black monkey face male HMPK -rm 45

black monkey face male HMPK -rm 45

black dragon male hmpk RM45-local breed

Trojan Fin Butterfly orange Dragon- In Training for february 2011 competition

Saturday, December 11, 2010

super red female HMPK rm 35

super orange female hmpk rm 35

red dragon female hmpk B rm 25

red dragon female B hmpk rm 25

red dragon female A hmpk rm 25-SOLD sent to Malacca

orange dragon female HMPK rm 35- SOLD sent to Malaca

grizzle dragon female RM 25

green lace female HMPK rm 25

fancy female hmpk RM 25

black dragon male hmpk RM40- SOLD sent to mallaca

English Budgie pair No "1 "for sale RM 500- SOLD

English Budgie pair No "2" for sale RM 500- SOLD

English Budgie pair No "3" for sale RM 500- SOLD

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

albino red eye baby guinea pig short hair= rm 25 each

december Lutino fisher for handfeed available= rm 150 each

super redhmpk=rm 45

red dragon hmpk=rm45 -SOLD sent to Mallaca

platinum gold hmpk-rm 35

mustard gas hmpk=rm35-SOLD

lavender hmpk good form = rm70

green lace trojan upper fin hmpk -rm 35

dragon and fancy female-rm 25 each

blue gas HMPK=) rm 35

copper gold yellow dT hmpk- rm 60

Sunday, November 7, 2010

breding pair lovebird video- SOLD ALL PAIR AT 16/12/10

platinum gold dragon

black dragon

best of the best Double tail copper Gold Dragon-7 month old- rm 90-SOLD

proven to be spawn..producing splendid offspring...very rare colour

Red dragon -7 month male- rm 70-SOLD customer in Malacca

ready to spawn... good male brooder....proven

Male lavender top form -7 month old- rm 80

Ready to spawm.......proven...

female lavender HMPK - 7 month- RM 60

ready to breed already proven to produce top form offspring